Central Park Foliage

Central Park is, without a doubt, one of the most magical places in New York City. Every time you turn a corner, there’s something beautiful to look at. Whether it’s a statue performer painted in all white, or a bride getting her photos taken, or a man making giant bubbles, or an opera singer hidden under an overpass, or a man playing violin on top of the bridge, or … well, you get the idea… it’s just surreal. Here are some photos of Central Park foliage during November for your viewing pleasure, but I don’t think a picture can do this place justice. It’s the type of space you just need to get lost in.


Photos c/o Joseph Speer

Fort Greene Park in November

So either foliage begins late in New York City, or it lasts a really long time. Either way, I’m enjoying it. I’ve got three park photo sets lined up for the coming week, including Fort Greene Park, Prospect Park, and Central Park. I’ll start off with Fort Greene Park, because it’s the smallest (and it might just be my favorite). This park is amazing, with its location, its crazy flights of cement staircases, its Prison Ship Martyrs Monument, and its different pathways for jogging. I love this place. The bf and I like to get bagels and coffee and eat/drink at the top of the park. Oh, and did I mention this park is home to the weekly Farmer’s Market in Fort Greene? Yeah, it is so many wonderful things. There’s not much red around yet (and I don’t know if there will be this year, or any for that matter), but the yellow leaves are just brilliant. You’ll see what I mean. Check it out.


Photos c/o Joseph Speer

Bright Lights & Magical Taverns

I know I’m in dire need of an actual, high quality, DSLR photo post, and trust me, I’ve got some good stuff (Central Park foliage anyone?)… time is just of the essence lately, and I find myself with very little of it. That being said, here is a quick pic of the restaurant the bf and I went to for the five year anniversary. Nothing too fancy, but so damn beautiful. (And, I love Indian food, so, that was a plus.)


I could have lived in this restaurant. A room filled with dangling Christmas lights and chili peppers is kind of my ultimate dream. Anyway, more NYC photos coming soon. I promise. I know, I say that, like, every single post. But I always mean it.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Happy November 1st. Woke up to the sound of raindrops on the window. Nothing makes me happier than that. In other news, Halloween was awesome and went somewhat unexpectedly, as most great things do. As an added bonus, today is the bf & my five year anniversary! Time flies when you’re dating the same person. Weird, right? Hoping for a wet and rainy season this winter. It’s all just so magical. Water falling from the sky.


Happy National Cat Day

You guys, today is National Cat Day, and if that doesn’t call for a quick blog post, nothing does.

I’m lucky enough to have two. Though really, if it weren’t totally insane, I would have three. Or more.

catfaceCats are amazing, and I could probably go on for about six hours as to why I love them so much, but I’ll sum it up with a few key points here:

1. Cats don’t hold grudges. They don’t have malicious thoughts. They don’t over-think things. Basically, they’re not humans. They’re also really fucking smart.

2. You have to earn a cat’s loyalty. I love dogs too, but if we’re being honest, dogs get excited to see just about anyone. You have to win over a cat.

3. They have such unique personalities and temperaments. They talk to you, if you know how to listen, and they have immense imaginations. (Who else can play with pieces of string for hours on end?)

4. They can sense your feelings, and if they like you, they’ll comfort you when you’re feeling sad. The best therapy ever. Not kidding. Animals make for a happier home.

5. They’re soft, fuzzy little creatures that are fun to snuggle with and burrow your face into. Also, nothing is better than listening to a cat purr while you’re holding it.