Happy National Cat Day

You guys, today is National Cat Day, and if that doesn’t call for a quick blog post, nothing does.

I’m lucky enough to have two. Though really, if it weren’t totally insane, I would have three. Or more.

catfaceCats are amazing, and I could probably go on for about six hours as to why I love them so much, but I’ll sum it up with a few key points here:

1. Cats don’t hold grudges. They don’t have malicious thoughts. They don’t over-think things. Basically, they’re not humans. They’re also really fucking smart.

2. You have to earn a cat’s loyalty. I love dogs too, but if we’re being honest, dogs get excited to see just about anyone. You have to win over a cat.

3. They have such unique personalities and temperaments. They talk to you, if you know how to listen, and they have immense imaginations. (Who else can play with pieces of string for hours on end?)

4. They can sense your feelings, and if they like you, they’ll comfort you when you’re feeling sad. The best therapy ever. Not kidding. Animals make for a happier home.

5. They’re soft, fuzzy little creatures that are fun to snuggle with and burrow your face into. Also, nothing is better than listening to a cat purr while you’re holding it.


Hints of Foliage in Prospect Park

Everybody loves some good east coast foliage. I’ve been dreaming about it for the past twenty years. Now I finally get to see it guys!! Or live in it, rather. From what I’ve heard, New York City doesn’t peak until late October, but hints of color are starting to show up around the city, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Here are a few snapshots taken at Prospect Park today. Every time I saw a red or yellow tree, I had to stop and just stare at it like a total weirdo. I mean, how can someone ever get used to this? It’s absolutely mesmerizing, and it’s just barely begun. IMG_2662  IMG_2632IMG_2670


Summer Visit to the High Line

Okie, here are some High Line photos, as promised. These are from a few weeks back, when it was a little bit warmer. I really enjoy this park, though I feel weird calling it a park. The views from it are spectacular and it is in such a nice part of the city. However, to be totally honest, I wish it wasn’t so done up. It could be the inner hipster in me, but it would have been so nice to have more of the original tracks left behind and more vine-y, out-of-control plants. My opinion, my opinion. But still, like I said, I do really enjoy this park. So without much further ado, here are some pics the BF took. Please note that he was more interested in photographing Manhattan from the High Line, than the actual High Line itself. I can’t really blame him. Wanting to revisit this park when it is in full bloom!

IMG_9533^^ My favorite part of the High Line — the original tracks hidden in the green! ^^

IMG_9581^^ The general aesthetic. Super modern, super cool. ^^

IMG_9589^^ View of The Hudson from the High Line. ^^


^^ The Diane  Von Furstenberg building. My personal favorite building to spot from the park. Look at those lips! ^^



IMG_9569IMG_9571^^ For anyone who has heard about the Skittles public art at the High Line, this is it. It’s actually pretty awesome. These two photos don’t do it justice. ^^


Photos c/o Joseph Speer

From the Rooftops of New York City

Okay, I know I promised High Line and Fort Greene Park photos, but I’m going to hold off a little longer on those. That being said, here are some photos that are even more fun than that anyway — rooftop shots! The roof may be my new favorite hangout place, even though we’re not technically allowed on it. (Thank you neighbor for breaking the roof-access door alarm, I wouldn’t have done it myself, but I sure will reap the benefits.) I love the summer rooftop culture in NYC. Sometimes, during a really nice sunset, you’ll see anything from a woman with her tea to an eight person BBQ happening on the tops of surrounding buildings. We also have a Rastafarian neighbor who does his morning yoga on the building next to ours. How wonderful is that? Pretty damn wonderful.





I’m Still Here! (And Thoughts on Flying on 9/11)

Apologies for my horrible commitment to this blog as of late. BF and I are still trying to get grounded here in NYC and chaos has ensued (good chaos!). We were lucky to take a quick trip back to California this weekend for a friend’s two-day wedding ceremony in East Bay. (Sidenote: Hindu weddings are amazing.) It was a whirlwind trip, flying out on 9/11/14 and flying back on 9/14/14, and I have to say, it did cross my mind that we booked tickets out of JFK on 9/11. I felt very safe flying, however, and while 9/11 is still such a horrific past memory, it is encouraging to see how far we have come since that day thirteen years ago. Here are two grainy phone shots I wanted to share. Leaving SFO and arriving at JFK. Virgin America’s flagged wing tips seemed like a nice image to capture. If you look closely on the daylight photo, you can see San Francisco just underneath the plane’s wing.


Also, I’ve been pretty inactive on Twitter and Instagram this month — taking a social media cleanse, per my younger sister’s advice. (Why are the youngest ones always the smartest!?) I really recommend it. It’s amazing how much more you can get done in a day, and how much more time you have to actually talk to the people you care about. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I have some great photos of The Highline and Fort Greene Park that I will try to have posted later this week. Till next time, my friends.