5 Things That Make Me Happy

image 7
^^ 1. The scenic viewpoint on Mullholland between Burbank and Hollywood. You have a clear view of the Hollywood Bowl, and when a show’s happening, you can hear the music pretty clearly. Also, a great view of DTLA, if you pan left a little. ^^
image 3^^ 2. In packing up the apartment over the last few weeks I’ve come across some hidden gems. Finding a pile of my old college scripts was a highlight. ^^image 4^^ 3. Snapshot from my probably last Runyon Canyon hike of the season (or year!). These giant hash-tagged match sticks are scattered along the way to the top of the trail. They got it right – #moments. ^^image 9^^ 4. Original Tommy’s Burgers in Los Angeles. Nothing beats their chili. ^^photo^^ 5. Spontaneous Kitara photo shoots while we’re walking her outside. I don’t know what we’re going to do in NYC. This little girl lives for her nieghboorhood walks. ^^



  1. That view from the top of your hike is beautiful! I love the matchsticks that remind people to take in the moment.

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